082 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show With Special Guest Toby Salgado Host of the SuperAgentLive Podcast Show

Toby SalgadoIn Episode 82 we hit the motherlode with our guest! We were thrilled to have Toby Salgado of Super Agents Live (Podcast) on our show today!

Toby is the S.A.L. Podcast Host, where he grills people on our behalf, he’s an Author, Mentor and Serial Entrepreneur. Toby also owns and operates Real estate Radio Experts, an agency that gets Real Estate Agents effective radio ad space. Toby has interviewed over 400 “super agents” and industry leaders and produced almost 300 episodes of his Podcast.


We taped into Toby’s wealth of knowledge from all his own experience and exposure to his amazing guests.

Toby made his first million in real estate and did so from modest means. Toby shares his take on leads, marketing, the mindset of the super agent and so much more.



You may wonder why we asked another “competing” Podcast Host to be on our show? He’s a bundle of energy and a wealth of knowledge and we got some serious nuggets of gold from him in this episode to share with you that’s why! We also happen to like his show; Toby’s a great guy as a bonus.


Toby can be reached at: Toby Salgado 619-301-0823  

www.superagentslive.com or www.realestateradioexperts.com