074 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show:With Special Guest Jonathan Zabrocki

aeca41600-c0oWOW! We had an amazing guest today friends! We’re going to blow your mind here on Episode 74 with our special guest Jonathan Zabrocki is a high-end residential real este expert in San Diego, CA, a successful Realtor / sales trainer who boasts selling over 371 million without a large team or cold calling!

Jonathan’s systems and formulas have proven to sell homes 600% faster than the average realtor and for 5.1% more money. Jonathan has a great energy about him and is generous with his information; helping agents make their work day count while so they can enjoy 30-40 work weeks instead of grinding out 50-60 hours unproductive weeks that lead to burnout. In this episode we discussed:



    • Sorting and qualifying ONLY the highest paying leads with specific questions.
    • Working the luxury markets to reduce your workload yet raise your GCI.
    • Working a system that allows you to put in less than 40 hours per week!
    • Why most agents fail.
    • The Profits & Passions: A Live 3 Day Event where Jonathan rolls out his How To’s!
    • A bonus tip on how to earn some extra referrals before 2017!

More About Jonathan


Jonathan Zabrocki is described by his clients time and time again as knowledgeable, insightful, and personally invested in making their real estate dreams a reality. He believes in treating each and every person and will go above and beyond to get your home sold quickly, for a higher price, with as little stress as possible.

His knowledge of the market is real, with real awards and accolades to prove it.

Jonathan’s priority are the people, then the sale. He personally invests in his clients to find exactly what they’re looking for and to ensure they feel comfortable, confident, and excited throughout the process. In his own words Jonathan will tell you, “I like real estate, but I LOVE the people” and his clients agree.


Jonathan Zabrocki
Founder and Owner
Tel: 858-212-1245

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