062: How Can Real Estate Agents Use LinkedIn To Get Real Leads?

linkedin-class-graphicThis is a great follow-up discussion connected to last week’s episode where Mojca Marš remarked that she personally didn’t see any real value using or working with LinkedIn. Both Jayson Bates and myself don’t fully agree with that position and in this episode of the Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show we explain why we feel that way..

If you are really trying to build your real estate business you going to be going to a lot of local-type public business meetings and how are you going to continue the new relationships you have developed?

Facebook can be a difficult beast when it comes to professional outreach becausea lot of individuals have very different attitudes connected to their personal Facebook profile and how they deal with people who ask to connect with them through Facebook.

Then we have Twitter. the biggest problem with this popular social media network is more about frequency of use.Some people will be using this platform a great deal and other won’t even have an account or won’t be using it that often.

When it comes to LinkedIn you don’t have any of these problems. It’s pretty clear-cut to most users that this is a public business relationship network.

You get the odd person who sets up their network so you can’t easily contact them which really puzzles me. I can understand this to some extent when you are dealing with some major movers and shakers in business. However, when I have done some outreach through LinkedIn I’ve in general been quite amazed how willing people are to link with me using this network. This success is more connected to how you do your outreach.

Another great benefit is that you can export all the people that you have linked with in the LinkedIn network to your email list and it can be a leading way of building your personal marketing database.

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