059: Facebook Paid Advertisement Tips & Tricks

facebookThe Curaytor team recently published a great post-called “The Ultimate Real Estate Facebook Marketing Playbook,” Shich I discuss in this episode.


I’m a real big fan of Facebook organic and paid advertisement so I really studied this article and agree with almost 90% of what it says.

When I consult with real estate agents I often hear that they really don’t get any real results from their attempts at Facebook paid advertising. Together we go through almost all of the 15 points in this great article and we zero in on some of the key points that will help the agent get the results they want.

  • Budget — be consistent, spend money
  • Ad placement — stay in the timeline
  • Ad design — two kinds of clarity: clear message and high-quality image
  • Place links prominently in ad copy

I am really bullish on Facebook. Why get in a house race with the leading online portal website and pay them loads of money to help them build their brandwidth you could be getting better leads from Facebook while building yours?