058: Inman Connect San Francisco 2016

inmansI recently spent a few days at Inman Connect real estate conference, listening and talking to agents and brokers. I also really enjoyed a number of the presentations about the most effective ways connected to maketing if you are an agent or broker in 2016?

There was also a lot of talk about “Facebook Live” and live video platforms in general, as well as discussions about automation connected to AI and chatbots.


Here’s a couple of presentations that I found particularly interesting. Obviously, I could have added a load more to this list but it would have ending up being a very long article!

The Latest with VR, 360 and Video: http://sched.co/6y3Q

I personally feel VR 360 video is going to dramatically change how real estate agents work in the next couple of years and those who can adapt to this technology will see great results.


Making The Switch: From Indy to Franchise to Indy: http://sched.co/6y3H

This presentation was interesting because I see the real growth in the real estate industry in the next couple of years is going to be connected to what I call “power teams,” i.e., a couple of experienced agents working with some junior buyer-handling agents plus a couple of backend staff.

And watching Gary Vaynerchuk live was a very interesting experience!