020: In this episode I review my experience at the California Realtor Expo 2015

Bill uses his favorite saying at the beginning of the show “Drive on Jonathan.”

I look at my favorite presentations and presenters at the show.

How you can use one of the most powerful marketing tools that almost all agents have– your smartphone with the latest iPhone 6 Plus and the new range of large Samsung phones offer the ability to do some amazing digital marketing on the run! Jeff Lobb founder of Sparktank Media talks about a number of free or very inexpensive online tools or apps that can really help agent promote themselves in a crowded market place.

We go into some detail on what makes a great presentation to a potential client. Gary Wise did a fantastic presentation on how he personally does a great interactive presentation using one of his favorite pieces of technology, the iPad, and how to deal with any questions or objections a possible new client might have.

Steve Pacinelli VP of marketing at BombBomb did a great presentation on the best digital organizing tools that are available online and apps designed for real estate professionals.

We then talk about the Ken Deleon brokerage and website. Ken was voted as one of the top agents in the US in recent years. Ken and his team deal with very high-end properties in one of the hottest areas in the US, but we concentrate on his company’s website which is excellent. Obviously, it was fully custom designed and developed; however, there are some key elements of Deleon’s website that any serious agent or brokerage should understand and try and integrate into their own website.