015: Do You Want to Manage Your Email Box More Effectively?

In this episode, we look at some great free or very inexpensive tools that can really help you manage your email inbox and also turn it into a power house that not only makes it easy to get control of your inbox, but also makes you much more effective in answering possible leads.

Boomerang for Chrome/Gmail Extension

This extension helps schedule emails and set automated reminders. To have an app like Boomerang that can allow you to schedule emails for later in the day, week and month, and remind you of the important things you need to remember and monitor, is a godsend for many real estate pros.

Whether it’s writing an email to a potential buyer now that needs to wait until later in the day or scheduling a reminder for you to attend that important meeting with fellow brokers, Boomerang comes to the rescue.

Free or Pro $ 14.99 Premium $49.99


MxHero ToolBook

The first thing you need to install is mxHero Toolbox, which is possibly the only Chrome extension for Gmail that you need. It combines features that other extensions try to offer, and does it for free. With mxHero Toolbox, you can schedule emails to be sent later, send emails that self-destruct after a period, track email openings and clicks, set reminders to follow up on emails, and send emails individually to each recipient in a bulk mail. The best part is that unlike extensions like Boomerang for Gmail or Right Inbox, mxHero Toolbox is completely free and offers unlimited messages— well, as good as unlimited because the limit is 50 emails per 30 minutes, which is going to be enough for most people.

Pro version Individual $8 per month



The email inbox is now one of the most important tools used in your workday, so you need a good tool to manage it. And it doesn’t get better than ActiveInbox, which gives you everything you need to address and sort your Gmail. Each email can be turned into a task and assigned a due date, so you always know what needs to be done. Similarly, when you are sending a new email, you can add a to-do list or other notes so you know what you have to do—your recipient won’t see this.

Price $3.30


Want to Know if Your Emails Have Been Opened?


Be In Control! Know who opens your emails, when, how many times and from where. Always be in the know and communicate the smart way, by having data at your side.




When you need to send important information via an email to a person or client, all you can do is send an email and wait until the recipient has replied to know that they have received and opened the email you sent them. During times of urgency, this can be a source of distress for you. Here’s an answer– RightinBox.

Free or Pro $5.95


Professional Email Signatures


If you want a professional-looking email signature, complete with links to your social media profiles and other details, then Wisestamp is the easiest way to spice up signatures. Creating a new signature is a painless three-step process, after which you can add other details like your social media links, chat links, personal websites, and more. Unfortunately, the free version of Wisestamp includes only one signature and a link-back ad, so depending on how professional your needs are, it might be worth paying for more signatures, different templates and company-wide standardization.

Price Free or Pro $4


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