010: Why Open Houses & Facebook Can Work Together in Generating Great Quality Leads

In this episode, we look at two subjects connected to marketing.

One is a traditional real estate publicizing method–“open houses”. We still feel it’s a very effective method for agents to get more visibility in their local area and also can be a great method of building up quickly their email lead generation list.

Bill, my co-host, gives us some great tips connected to how you get people to give you email addresses connected to your main sign-in form.

See, you need to really offer a small award for the information you need; i.e., all you have to say is that at the end of the open house some of the individuals will receive a $20 dollar in value Starbucks card.

The second is how to use the online marketing giant, which is Facebook. See, a lot of agents and brokers really don’t fully understand how to use Facebook connected to generating real quality leads.

There seems to be basically two areas that cause the most confusion for most agents and brokers.

1 – The main differences between a personal profile and a business page.

2 – “Facebook reach.” Basically, this means the amount of possible leads that will see your posts on your business page. Unfortunately, the amount of people who have liked your business page that can see your business posts has declined quite dramatically over the past two years. Here’s a great article from Social Media Examiner that explains how the content you place on your business page can help increase the amount views your posts will get. However, one of the other factors that will make a big difference connected to increasing the amount of views you will receive is by spending some cash with Facebook every month.