009: We talk about Yelp and Zillow and Why Your Online Reputation is Really Important in 2015

We look at and also talk about Yelp and why these type of large portal review websites are becoming important directly to real estate agents and brokers alike.

This process is linked to a term developed by Hubspot as “The Buyers Journey.” This is directly associated to a figure from the National Association of Realtors’ 2015 Home Buyer & Seller Generation Trends report that states that 43% of homebuyers began their home search online. I personally feel this figure is probably really on the low side and a better figure would be similar to the travel industry.


This is also linked to this basic insight from CustomerThink.com that states that consumers don’t want to deal with a salesperson in any capacity until they are about 70 percent of the way through their buying process. I think this article is just great, plus it has a really powerful and insightful title “People Don’t Dislike Sales People, They Dislike Bad Selling!” I feel that really is so true. Why I’m giving you this information and what is its connection to Yelp, Facebook and Zillow? Plus a host of similar website personal review websites?

Basically, as part of this 70% process people are checking out possible agents and brokers at a much higher level than even five years ago; i.e., they are pre-identifying whom they are going to talk to connected to the selling of their home. And websites like Yelp and Zillow have a strong influence on whom they are going to initially talk.