005: Facebook-can You Get Results From Social Media in 2015?



We all talk about social media and especially Facebook. There are social media experts that say that a real estate agent or broker shouldn’t think of using a Facebook business page anymore. I won’t mislead you– it is not going to be easy getting people to like a real estate business page but it’s a lot easier than a dentist or insurance agent or host of other businesses.

The reach of the post you place on your business page is going to be a lot less than a couple of years ago. You used to get about 20% of your audience seeing your individual posts on a real estate agent Facebook business page an now you will be lucky to get 2%.

This is the basic fact that has led to a lot of people giving up on their business pages. There are other considerations, though. When you look at other social media properties you can see a “reach” figure that is very similar to Facebook. The only social media property that has any of the reach that Facebook commands is Twitter, but, in fact, it has only 20% of the user base of Facebook.

However, if you have any following at all on Twitter (at the present moment I have slightly over 7000 followers) the chance of any one follower seeing one of your particular Twitter posts is probably similar or lower then Facebook! Also, if you are going to use Facebook paid advertisements in anyway– and you should– you have to have a Facebook business page. In this episode we go into some detail on how to run your business page and what are the key factors that will make your investment in terms of time and dollars be worthwhile and get an excellent payback!