004: Listing Presentations Tips & Tricks!

Presentations are very important! It’s very likely that a possible new listing client will be seeing multiple agents and a listing can be lost at the final hurdle of the presentation.

A computer presentation gives you a lot of options, including video, but you also need a great printed presentation to leave behind for the potential client.


The quality of your printed presentation reflects your professionalism—be sure it is word perfect! Hire a copy editor if you need to!

Bill and Karen give a 100% money back guarantee that allowed their sellers to walk away and they didn’t ask seller clients to sign long-term contracts.

If the budget allows, have all your presentation documentation designed and printed professionally. Your brokerage should be able to provide all these materials at a very high standard.

Tip: How do you deal with the possible sellers who ask you to discount your normal 6% commission? Here’s a great video discussion on this particular point, you need to go 16 minutes into the interview with Chris Smith CEO of Curaytor Systems and Ben Kinney CEO of Brivity where Ben goes into great detail how he handles clients that want or demand discount!