002: We Give 100% Practical Advice On Lead Generation!

Lead generation is the key factor if you want to be a successful real estate agent or broker. The key word in this episode was “farms.” The most important takeaway from this episode was how important it is to develop “lists of possible clients.”

This is one of the most important areas that really sorts out the serious individuals in real estate from those who just want to just dabble in real estate. One of the areas where Bill and I have different perspectives is how useful cold calling is in building new leads.



However, I think there are more effective techniques than just doing a number of “cold calls.” With what I show you, you should be getting a constant stream of what I call “warm leads.” These come from your website, Facebook page and other online resources and the field marketing activities. However, if you are a new agent these sources are going to take time to develop.

If you are new to the industry, calling is probably still a useful lead generation tool to consider. However, there are some better alternatives even for the new agent.

One of best methods is doing a number of open houses per weekend over a six months to a year period, which your broker should be more than willing to help you organize. You should use these open house events as a way of developing your local lead lists that you can start calling the following week.

Bill had a great tip in episode 4–offer a Starbucks gift card giveaway to an open house visitor that provided their contact information. This is a great way of building your list up