099 We Talk About Manufactured homes The Revolution Is Coming With Special Guest John DL Arendsen

In this episode of the Mail-Right RE Agent Podcast Show #099, we have a fantastic chat with San Diego Surfer, Contractor, Real Estate Broker and Investor John DL Arendsen. John owns and operates: On The Level General Contractors, TAG Real Estate Sales and Investments and is affiliated with Crest Homes Factory Built Housing Developer and now AVAVA Britespace… Wheeew! That’s a lot of businesses, but, it lends to John’s expertise on this show’s topic of conversation; ADU’s or Accessory Dwelling Units and he also shares some insights on the “bad press” manufacture and modular homes have had in the past.



Accessory Dwelling Units, which are essentially secondary independent housing units installed as Detached, Attached, or built as Junior ADU’s onsite on vacant lots or right in your backyard! They are subject to local or state codes, but essentially are separate dwellings, studios, offices, garage, etc. – kits you have assembled in your backyard and connected to existing utilities. They can be used as in-law units or “Granny-Flats” or even as income property pending the local legislation that governs your city.

ADU’s improve the quality of life, affordability of current homes and reduce our negative impact on the environment. How you ask?Here’s a few of the possibilities: Your aging parents can live independently, privately but right in your backyard for ease of care.
You can have income property to help pay down your own mortgage, making neighborhoods once out of reach, possible.

Service Industry & Public Works employees have potential places to live affordably within the higher end neighborhoods they work in.
People living closer to work lightens the traffic and environmental impact of cars on the road, fuel, etc.
Adding inventory to your market that has been in low supply since the 1980’s
These are solar capable, environmentally friendly efficient units, that reduce the carbon footprint.

“If we keep building using the technology of today, it will be nearly impossible to solve the economic and environmental challenges of tomorrow.”
— Benjamin Kimmich, CEO of  AVAVA

John DL Arendsen

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